Skoda Rapid on road price, average, features

In this post we present to you Skoda Rapid on road price, average, features.

Skoda Rapid Models:

Skoda launched the first model of Rapid in 2011. It belongs to the sedan segment and the next facelift model of the Rapid was launched in 2016

Skoda Rapid
2011 model
New Skoda Rapid
2016 model

The 2016 model was definitely a big facelift from the 2011 model. Rapid 2016 received a lot of love from the Indian crowd on this model. On completion of 1,00,000 sales, Skoda Auto launched the Monte Carlo edition of the Rapid in a flash red color.

Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo Edition

The company launched the Monte Carlo edition in 2017. However, due to a trademark issue with a clothing brand having similar name, the company had to rename the model as Edition X. Skoda Auto India plans to re-introduce the Monte Carlo Edition in August 2020.

The latest model of the Skoda Rapid is the Skoda Rapid Rider. It is the limited edition version of the Skoda Rapid. This car is BS6 compliant.

New skoda Rapid
Skoda Rapid Rider

These are the models of the Skoda Rapid that have been launched by the company so far. Let us now look at the questions which all of us have like what is Skoda Rapid on road price? What is the average of Skoda Rapid? Is the Rapid available in automatic transmission? etc.

Skoda Rapid on road price:

Mumbai –

Base model (Petrol) of the Skoda Rapid Rider costs ₹8,75,588 in Mumbai. While this is the Skoda Rapid on road price for base model (Petrol), the top model (Petrol) is priced at around ₹13.52 lakh in Mumbai.

Delhi –

Base model (Petrol) of the Skoda Rapid Rider costs ₹8,39,220 in Delhi. While this is the Skoda Rapid on road price for base model (Petrol), the top model (Petrol) is priced at around ₹13.24 lakh in Delhi.

This is the average on road price of the petrol variant of the Skoda Rapid in the two major cities in India.

The company quotes the ex-showroom price between ₹6.99 lakh to ₹14.26 lakh.

Skoda Rapid Average:

Skoda Auto India claims that the Rapid can have an average of 18.97 km/l.


The car is available in both Manual as well as Automatic variants.


Following are some features of the Skoda Rapid – 

  1. 2 Airbags
  2. Anti-lock Braking System
  3. 55 litres fuel tank capacity
  4. Automatic Climate Control
  5. Keyless Entry
  6. Rear Parking Sensors
  7. Touchscreen Display
  8. Navigation System
  9. Projector Headlamps
  10. Elite Exteriors


2020 new car

Engine Capacity:

The Skoda Rapid comes with a 999cc engine.

Fuel :

Both Petrol and Diesel variants are available.

Indian crowd has loved the Skoda Rapid a lot. The company offers 2 year warranty on the car. This gives an additional benefit in buying the Skoda Rapid.

Comment below and tell us your opinion about the car.

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